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"Celebrating her college graduation this spring, Norman’s lyrics reflect on her personal life and transition to adulthood, revolving around themes of family, relationships, and the female experience. Self-described as “musical poetic journal entries”, she provides an intimate and personal reflection of emotion and truth. Finding her bearings as a young adult, as well as a musician, Norman hopes others will take inspiration and self-actualization from her work, towards their own creative and artistic pursuits."

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‚Äč"Sadness" is the first single released off of Rachel's freshman EP, Resist. The album draws on influences from Ariana Grande to Overcoats, utilizing tightly bound jazz pop harmonies and synthy string compositions. Her lyrics delve into themes of moving on from old family structures and processing the shift in relationships as we mature. Rachel does not shy away from honesty, as she documents her life in these musical poetic journal entries. 

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